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This week I was wandering what was the favorite food for Americans, and found some articles about Hamburgers, Pizzas, Pies, etc.; but looking for more accuracy, I looked it up on Google Trends for the most searched food-related queries and this was what I found:

1. Pizza
2. Chicken
3. Cake
4. Cheese
5. Salad

Detailed information about each food item and its searchability by US city is enclosed in the images attached to this article.

What I find very important is to analyze what makes this food-related queries the most searched words at Google witn the food category, and looking into details there are some reasons behind each of them.

Pizza is the most searched and it’s linked to delivery, phones numbers and online menus for the main pizza restaurants like Pizza Hut and Dominos.

Chicken is relevant when it comes to recipes. Apparently, is a common word people search when looking for recipes.

Queries with “cake” are mainly to find images of cakes (reason for which is the No. 1 food querie on Google images search), and cake recipes.

The cheesy search is tighted to mac and cheese and Chuck e Cheese, with other linkages to recipes and types of cheese.

And salad is the 5th most searched food-word in the US because of people looking for recipes and dressings.


One page at a time, Adam J. Kurtz


One page at a time, Adam J. Kurtz


😍 (at Tumblr)

😍 (at Tumblr)


Work-life balance by design: At 6 p.m., the desks retract up to the ceiling, making room for creative community uses and keeping staff from working too late. 

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For real or faked? Watch and decide. 


Speed reading banner 


Toyota Collaborator. 



Spaxels let you draw 3D figures in the air using light.  These guys chose to draw a teapot.  I approve — but it would also be great to draw charts and graphs, no?

7 great examples on How brands satisfy consumers’ fascination craving

On Sally Hogshead TED Talk, she described 7 triggers of fascination that evoke different types of actions from consumers, giving some examples from celebrities and big personalities.

Now I’m going to show a couple of examples on how products and services are actioning these triggers through their mass communication:


Some of the apps and online services that offer a free trial, have a very authoritative message when you want to make an action that requires a payment. This is an example of a message that invites to take command.


When it comes to passion and evoking emotions, no one does it better than Coke. This TVC was aired during the start of the crisis in Spain, and it really makes a good job attracting mom-related emotions. There is a re-make spoken in english but I feel the original Spaniard is better!


Jay-z DECODE campaign partnering with BING had hundreds of people curious about the rapper’s biography and where the next page of his book was going to be released. Watch the complete case here.


This Louis Vuitton print campaign showing celebrities at exclusive getaways sporting their LV bags makes a great job elevating this brand to a very aspirational level. The ads are great not only for showing famous people, but also for sharing a warm and natural closeup to their private lives,  giving consumers a sneak peak of the exclusive trips of the rich and famous.


This campaign to increase awareness of dolphin fatalities in Japan evokes a huge sense of urgency and instant action. Using impactful clips of dying dolphins, and famous people supporting the cause, drive urgency to at least share this video to contribute somehow.


This 2011 Adidas campaign is still breakthrough 3 years later. Using celebrities (“Les Twins” french duo also known as hip hop dancers for Beyonce), launches a completely innovative device appealing to all those breakdance and urban culture followers, showcasing a bit more of the brand’s personality, beyond the traditional shoes commercial.


Chipotle, pursuing a strategy to go victorious on the fast food battles around health concerns and obesity issues, made this campaign called “Back to the start”. By showing how transparent, natural and organic their products were, the tex-mex QSR now owned by McDonald’s gained a more favorable image amongst its consumers, breaking the unhealthy image barrier of the category.

Our brains crave fascination!